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re: Picked up a few things in the past couple days...
There is also plenty of football analytics that show number of passes per game is irrelevant and the most important metric is yards per pass attempt.

Not doubting the accuracy of the statement that you have read articles. Only saying we can probably find stats, analytics, that will tell any of us what we want to hear.

Sorta of like the HS coach that never punts because of some point it makes sense to punt. Also the Oakland A's example...their analytics worked well for the course of a long season but in a smaller sample size, i.e. series or 1 game you cant count on the law of averages.

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re: Picked up a few things in the past couple days...

Kyriq Mcdonald was sort of forced into the transfer portal due to weed issues.

A consequence of his own idiotic choosing.

Option A: Stay out of trouble, focus on earning that paid college degree and a starting spot at Bama, which will likely get you a spot in the NFL draft and make you a very young millionaire.

Option B: Smoke a lot of weed instead.

It may not qualify as "scientific evidence", but stories like this give ammunition to those who believe, on some level, that there are addictive qualities to weed.

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