Guy Celebrates Super Bowl Win With Odd Tom Brady Tattoo On His Butt
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports
I understand getting a tattoo to celebrate your favorite team and/or player winning the Super Bowl, but man, think about it for a second before just getting some creepy Tom Brady portrait on your butt cheek. Per Yardbarker...

Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. had several visitors seeking tattoos on the day of the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory parade. But one fan’s request was far and above the weirdest of all.

“He had decided the night before that he was getting this done,” said shop employee Emily Arsenault, via “It wasn’t just spur of the moment. We had quite a few obnoxious people coming in, intoxicated from the parade. But he was actually probably the most calm one out of all of them.”

Arsenault noted the fan, of course regaled in a No. 12 Brady jersey, had a plan and requested a tattoo featuring “a portrait of Tom Brady on my left butt-cheek.”

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Gay Patriots fan version of a tramp stamp. Gives his boyfriend a target to shoot at.
Reply10 months
ReauxlTide222 REALLY likes him some Tom Brady
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