Dak Prescott Doesn't Reach Long-Term Deal With Cowboys, Turned Down $100 Mil?!
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The Dallas Cowboys and QB Dak Prescott did not reach a long-term deal by the Wednesday deadline, reportedly turning down over $100 million guaranteed...

The superstar QB had been in contract talks with Cowboys brass all offseason about getting an extension done ... but the two sides just couldn't meet in the middle.

26-year-old Dak will now play on the franchise tag in 2020 -- which locks him in as Dallas' QB for only this season at $31.4 million.

Dallas' final offer to Dak was set to pay the 2-time Pro Bowler between $33 and $35 million every year, with over $100 million guaranteed ... NFL Network's Jane Slater reported Tuesday.

But, Prescott reportedly wanted fewer years on the deal ... and the Cowboys wouldn't budge -- so now it'll be back to the negotiating table next offseason.
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Superstar Quarterback? According to who?
Reply28 days
He should get paid for every playoff game win.
28 days
Don’t pay above average qbs franchise money. It’s that simple. “But it’s so hard to find a decent qb”. And?
Reply29 days
Jason Garrett designed an offense to protect against his deficiencies. Thank the Cowboys could’ve won more games with at least half of the NFL quarterbacks that we’re starters on other teams.
Reply29 days
Proof that the only moron in Dallas isn’t just Jerry.
Reply29 days
Dumb move Dak
Reply29 days
I love Dak, but damn man, don't be this greedy. You could break a leg like Alex Smith and your career could be over. Or have a bad year. Or the NFL suffers huge ratings declines and the willingness of teams to pay bigger money next year isn't there. Sign the deal, man. You're letting ego get in your way.
Reply29 days
If he only gets paid for this year due to a knee, or whatever, after you deduct taxes, commissions and expenses, he still would leave the NFL with Kaepernick money in savings.
29 days
I hope he doesn't really think someone else would offer him more. He couldn't be any more average.
Reply29 days
$31.4 million for this season - still insane to me.
Reply29 days
Damn...that's in the neighborhood of $33M per playoff appearance. Might oughta taken that deal.
Reply29 days
That is the definition of entitlement.
Reply29 days
all that money for the definition of average at the QB position
Reply29 days
It was a 50 signing bonus with 70 for the first two years. He wanted 4 years instead of 5 so he could bend them over after 4. Not bad for a baw from Green Acres.
Reply29 days
Jane Slater is hot
Reply29 days
Take the money before you blow out a knee or your shoulder is wrecked on a blind side hit.
Reply29 days
He dumb
Reply29 days
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