Former NFL RB Cedric Benson passed away this past weekend after a fatal motorcycle accident. His final Instagram story, that he posted that afternoon, was him showing off his new motorcycle...

So sad.
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When Benson came into the NFL I met a girl who worked at the BMW dealership of Austin and she said he had 3 and all of them had the DUI Blow in them to start the car.
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And? Hopefully he learned his lesson and this was a terrible mistake to be out cruising fast in a bike at night on a winding dark road issue. Hopefully for his families sake that is.
10 months
Motorcycles don’t kill ppl—-
Reply10 months
frick motorcycles man.
Reply10 months
frick motorcycles, man. - what you meant. Man, frick motorcycles. - another way of saying it. Motorcycles frick man. - perhaps a better summary of this story. frick Motorcycles Man - the weirdest superhero ever.
10 months
Wtf? Sorry. My joke was horrible on every level. Not in right mind today. Wish I could delete posts in a news feed. Facepalm.
10 months
Too soon, but... motorcycle fricks man
9 months
Every time I see a motorcycle on the road all I can do is shake my head at the foolishness. There’s obese slobs texting away on phones everywhere I look driving to there next meal. They’ll run over anyone who gets in their way.
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People on cell phones is an epidemic in this state. 80% of vehicles has someone staring at a screen, especially young girls.
10 months
Guys who ride a motorcycle on a Sunday afternoon on back roads only, that’s no big deal IMO
10 months
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