Sports Illustrated Writer Makes This Argument For Notre Dame Joining BIG 12
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It's looking like the Power 5 conferences are heading towards an all-conference game season, which would leave Notre Dame stuck in the cold with their pot of gold. The ACC said they would welcome them to play, seeing as they already have a few ACC games on their schedule this year. Sports Illustrated writer Chris Dukes makes this argument for the Fighting Irish joining the BIG 12...

The Big 12 should offer temporary membership to both Notre Dame and BYU. As independents, both programs are even more affected by a potential conference-only football season. They would offer two more quality opponents (and in the case of Notre Dame at least a couple of games of mammoth national interest) to each team's schedule.

Imagine a Big 12 Championship game between Texas and Notre Dame. Or the Longhorns going into Provo to avenge the 41-7 drubbing that occurred at the hands of the Cougars back in 2014.

Of course, there is revenue to consider. The Big 12 has made it abundantly clear they don't want to split their pot of money more than 10 ways over the years. However, both Notre Dame and BYU would come in with their own broadcast TV deals. There could be a solution as simple as allowing the home team the broadcast rights for the games.

I am certainly no expert on the financial side of things, but it seems like some temporary bridges could be built to benefit all parties involved should college football head in this direction. After the year is over and we all hopefully make COVID-19 a distant memory everyone can go their separate ways. Then again, if it works, maybe it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.
BIG 12 or ACC? Or should they be forced to sit it out the season because they've been conference snobs?

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I am for the fighting can’t call them Irish anymore to play in the wac12
Reply1 month
No! we gotta score for Rudy! As long as the offense is on the field Rudy cant play! All right Jamie this ones yours.
Reply1 month
Notre Dane battling it out with Oklahoma and Texas just doesn’t seem proper in a historical context and how would it be financially better for ND than ACC or Big Ten? ND belongs in the BIG Ten but they must play USC annually out of conference on Rivalry Weekend to close the regular season.
Reply1 month
Have fun!
Reply1 month
Neither ND or Texas will share the loot. That is why A&M and Mizzou are in the SEC and Colorado is in the PAC-12 and Nebraska in the Big 10.
Reply1 month
new Big 12 featuring teams from West Virginia, Utah, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas
Reply1 month
Make them join the Big Sky Conference.
Reply1 month
That damn virus
Reply1 month
Maybe this virus is GOD giving us all one last chance to repent before that trumpet sounds? Ncaa football brings out all the kind of evil in some of us. Pride, envy, hatred, mocking rivals downfalls,,,,,,etc... I’m probably talking to an atheist am I FowlGuy?
1 month
@moesrer75 If you’re a christian how could you speculate that I’m an atheist off of a comment on a website? I’m a Christian and will pray for your soul tonight. I’m the type of Christian that Dosent provoke his religious thoughts to others.
1 month
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