Army Cadets Took The Wrong Navy Goat Mascot In A Prank Gone Wrong
Apparently, a group of West Point cadets made a big mistake in their prank against The Naval Academy prior to their big rivalry game coming up. Per Associated Press...

U.S. Military Academy cadets traveled this weekend to a farm near Annapolis, Maryland, that is home to Navy mascot Bill, who belongs to a long line of goat mascots with the same name. Cadets gave chase to the spooked goats. And instead of grabbing Bill No. 37, they came away Bill No. 34, a one-horned, 14-year-old retiree, according to The New York Times.

West Point officials would not confirm details of the incident Tuesday, but said the animal was returned safely and that they were investigating those responsible.

(The Spun)
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you had one job...
Reply9 hours
Under the last administration, Army cadets raped the correct goat 4 years in a row.
Reply23 hours
Good thing our allies got our back, cuz we ain't able to fight our way out of a wet paper sack with this woked, CRT'd, & vaxxed military leadership. Oh wait, after the afghan maneuver, we don't have any allies, except china...
Reply1 day
Still better planned than Joe's Afghanistan exit
Reply1 day
These cadets are gonna be awesome drone pilots in Biden’s army!!!
Reply1 day
Has to be a metaphor in there, somewhere.
Reply1 day
Brandon's America
Reply2 days
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