According to Tyisha Fernandes of WSBTV in Atlanta, this past weekend Alabama defensive line coach Karl Dunbar had his personal backpack, which included his playbook, passport, money, laptop and phone, stolen from his hotel room... Well, Alright Georgia fans, hand it over.

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REC trying to make excuses in case they lost
Reply4 days
han han
Reply6 days
Bo knows backpacks.
Reply6 days
firing offense. Dont get your shite stolen. Its all on the homeboy shopping network now.
Reply6 days
“We comin’. We comin’ “
Reply6 days
Know where your bag is at all times. That's on you. It's their right to take it if they find it unattended.
Reply6 days
Yea if you're a thief... Bad call, but dont steal peoples shite.
6 days
Are you new to civilized society?
5 days
"their right to take it." In what universe is it anyone's "right" to take what doesn't belong to them? God I hope you don't/haven't reproduced.
4 days
I think the coach sold it. :)
Reply6 days
More like "hand it over, Cam"
Reply6 days
That's not UGA fans...that's just Atlanta.
Reply7 days
"...along with his passport, cash, laptop & phone." daaaamn, are gumptards so irrational that coaches are prepared to leave the country if they lose a football game?!?!
Reply7 days
Nicky was shipping his arse to Siberia if they lost to UGA.
6 days
For clarification, it was the 1st half playbook.
Reply7 days
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