Fox Sports Analyst Says SEC Has Worst Coaching Talent Of Power 5 Conferences
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When Fox Sports’ Stewart Mandel was asked to rank the coaching talent of the Power 5 conferences, he ranked SEC at the bottom...

So you’ve got the king in Nick Saban, and maybe he counts twice. Then you’ve got some guys like Gus Malzahn and Kevin Sumlin, who’ve achieved brief high points but haven’t demonstrated they can sustain it. And beyond that, it’s a whole lot of inexperience (Kirby Smart) or retreads (Will Muschamp, Ed Orgeron). Dan Mullen is currently the league’s second-best coach, which pretty much says all you need to know.
Here are the rest of his rankings. Crazy, right?

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I wish I could argue with him, but I can't
Reply18 days
What was Kevin Sumlin's "high point"?? Manziel, and Mike Evans are the only ones I'd give any "high point" credit to on A&M. Kevin Sumlin hasn't done jack shite while at A&M.
Reply18 days
He's not wrong. There have been some really bad hires in the SEC lately
Reply18 days
He's not wrong? How is saying Mullen is the second best coach not wrong? That's wrong by any metric.
17 days
Hard to argue the Big Ten has the best group at the top with Meyer, Harbaugh, Franklin and Dantonio. All four are top notch guys. ACC has Swinney, Fisher, Fuentes, and Petrino. I would think that is a toss up with the SEC. Big 12 listed above the SEC is just straight up comical. Big game Bob and then Gundy are the proven. Herman is an unknown at a high level program. Pac 12 is just as bad as the Big 12 top to bottom. The big thing that throws the SEC off on these types of list is the gap between Saban and the next guy. Like it or not, the SEC is still the toughest conference week in and week out and the gap between Saban and the next coach is pretty wide in the country with the exception of maybe Harbaugh.
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Every time I see a Stewart article, I think back to 05 when he said that LSU was looking at a 8-5 season at best in the preseason. Repeatedly. Pounded the point home. Then Katrina happened. Then LSU runs 11-2, winning their division. Then Stewart writes an article about how LSU under performed that year.
Reply18 days
SEC coaching reminds me of my favorite line from Major League.... "Thought you didn't have any high- priced talent. I forgot about Dorn, 'cause he's only high-priced." There are a lot or Roger Dorn's on the SEC sidelines these days (not Saban).
Reply19 days
Dan Mullen should have been LSU's backup plan. He would wreck shop at a school with LSU's resources.
Reply19 days
One of its top programs just hired a career DL coach as its permanent head coach. He may have a point.
Reply19 days
18 days
The rant would slaughter you for this comment. Lol.
18 days
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