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Auburn WR Duke Williams kicked off team

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by warau Auburn fan
warau Auburn fan21610/5 11:40 pm
Wild Thang
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October 17 Schedule: A&M/Bama at 2:30pm CT, LSU/UF at 6pm CT

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by Draconian Sanctions LSU fan
Draconian Sanctions LSU fan17710/5 7:12 pm

Tennessee's grey look is pretty sick

by boXerrumble Florida fan
boXerrumble Florida fan410/5 11:44 pm

weekly SMH @ SEC replays in SECN

by Dr RC TexasAM fan
Dr RC TexasAM fan010/5 11:44 pm

Florida fans: Tell me about your OL?

by JesusQuintana Indiana fan
JesusQuintana Indiana fan510/5 11:43 pm

Mark Richt has lost 13 Games by 15+ Points at UGA

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by rolltide32 Alabama fan
rolltide32 Alabama fan2310/5 11:42 pm

Will Freeze hire Gus as his OC?

by PorkSammich Arkansas fan
PorkSammich Arkansas fan1710/5 11:41 pm


by AHCOO TexasAM fan
AHCOO TexasAM fan1010/5 11:40 pm

Tee Shepard quits for the Bears

by Land Dawg MissSt fan
Land Dawg MissSt fan010/5 11:36 pm
Land Dawg

Was the targeting call against RSJ (TAMU) the correct call?

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by ryanthe4aces
ryanthe4aces5510/5 11:36 pm

Why did CBS select A&M/Bama over LSU/Florida?

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by Hugh McElroy TexasAM fan
Hugh McElroy TexasAM fan15810/5 11:27 pm

Updyke location update please.

by CtotheVrzrbck TCU fan
CtotheVrzrbck TCU fan610/5 11:27 pm
Jack Daniel

Give the SEC West QBs a grade on a scale of 1-100

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by TeLeFaWx Tennessee fan
TeLeFaWx Tennessee fan12010/5 11:27 pm

ForeverGator's weekly SEC Gif reaction thread - Week 5 edition.

by ForeverGator Florida fan
ForeverGator Florida fan1710/5 11:25 pm

SEC Week 6 Matchups - Who Ya Got?

by Rescue22 SouthCarolina fan
Rescue22 SouthCarolina fan610/5 11:22 pm

LSU @ South Carolina predictions

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by CNB SouthCarolina fan
CNB SouthCarolina fan4210/5 11:14 pm

BUGA 's 3 straight 200+yard games has never been done before in the SEC

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by Wild Thang WestVirginia fan
Wild Thang WestVirginia fan14310/5 11:12 pm

Georgia vs Tennessee predictions

by SECFan1995
SECFan19951910/5 11:08 pm

Arky @ Bama - David vs. Goliath

by Jon Ham Arkansas fan
Jon Ham Arkansas fan1210/5 11:07 pm

Spurrier is my favorite coach in the SEC along with Miles

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by TrueTigerTale LSU fan
TrueTigerTale LSU fan2410/5 10:58 pm
Rich Kotite
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