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Auburn WR Duke Williams kicked off team

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by warau Auburn fan
warau Auburn fan23810/6 7:26 am
Tiger n Miami AU83
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October 17 Schedule: A&M/Bama at 2:30pm CT, LSU/UF at 6pm CT

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by Draconian Sanctions LSU fan
Draconian Sanctions LSU fan17710/5 7:12 pm

what are some possible locations for the LSU/USC game?

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by Choctaw Navy fan
Choctaw Navy fan25310/6 7:30 am

Fournette now a 1-2 favorite to win Heisman

by GermantownTiger
GermantownTiger1710/6 7:30 am

Fellow Gators join me

by G8RnGA Florida fan
G8RnGA Florida fan310/6 7:30 am

If Duke Williams had been on a different team like Alabama or Georgia

by dbeck Arkansas fan
dbeck Arkansas fan410/6 7:30 am
Gary Busey

Who makes it to Atlanta first? Mississippi or A&M?

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by CapperVin LSU fan
CapperVin LSU fan5910/6 7:30 am

Very accurate summary of what I witnessed in Athens this weekend

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by geauxnavybeatbama LSU fan
geauxnavybeatbama LSU fan10310/6 7:25 am

Which squanders more potential? Texas or Georgia.

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by Grovewater Olemiss fan
Grovewater Olemiss fan2710/6 7:25 am

An accurate portrayal of all of us in the SEC right now

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by Carolina Tide Alabama fan
Carolina Tide Alabama fan2310/6 7:21 am

Was the targeting call against RSJ (TAMU) the correct call?

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by ryanthe4aces
ryanthe4aces7010/6 7:18 am

Saban freaking out

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by lefty08 Arkansas fan
lefty08 Arkansas fan3710/6 7:07 am

Give the SEC West QBs a grade on a scale of 1-100

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by TeLeFaWx Tennessee fan
TeLeFaWx Tennessee fan12110/6 6:49 am

Why are Tennessee fans so upset, this week?

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by Hawgeye
Hawgeye2410/6 6:49 am

Mark Richt has lost 13 Games by 15+ Points at UGA

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by rolltide32 Alabama fan
rolltide32 Alabama fan3110/6 6:49 am

Nick Saban Arrested

by TangipahoaTiger
TangipahoaTiger1210/6 6:48 am


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by AHCOO TexasAM fan
AHCOO TexasAM fan2210/6 6:41 am

So Missouri is actually an SEC school now

by rmnldr LSU fan
rmnldr LSU fan1510/6 6:41 am

Florida's going to destroy Mizzou and Lock. At least we saw Lock for 1 good game

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by mizzoukills
mizzoukills6110/6 5:52 am
Sid E Walker

SEC Week 6 Matchups - Who Ya Got?

by Rescue22 SouthCarolina fan
Rescue22 SouthCarolina fan710/6 5:39 am
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