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GoGamecocks.com Video Preview - Schedule


UNC - Will play fast, USC is top to bottom a more talented team.

UGA - Beat them 3 in a row. UGA has a tougher schedule (according to Josh.)

Vandy - Kendall thinks Cocks will walk, and David thinks it will be tougher b/c Vandy believes in them. David feels if Gamecocks lose to UNC or UGA they'll roll Vandy, but they could be too confident if they start 2-0

Middle of Schedule - Mizzou should be better than the trainwreck they were last year. Arky is a long road trip. David thinks that this is where the 1 loss of the season will come, probably at Arky. Should beat Mizzou regardless and UTk.

UF - Should be playing for the East in this game.

Coastal - will get rolled.

Clemson - 5 in a row would feel great. Game should be hard fought. USC will eventually lose to Clemson (f u Dave and Josh.) It's too early for either team to be called the favorite in the game.

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