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UK-UofL Football
The series is signed through 2016. I have seen where a few columnists have said they think with UofL joining the ACC and with their schedule getting tougher that the teams may drop the series in the future. Tom Jurich has said he is against dropping it, but I don't think Barnhart cares for it at all. I could go either way. What say you?????

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re: UK-UofL Football
I wouldn't be surprised if we did with the SEC's new scheduling too. I'll be interested in seeing the about-face from UofL fans who have thrown a full on hissy fit over us potentially dropping them, but will be all for it when it suits their needs.

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re: UK-UofL Football
I say either drop it or move it to Thanksgiving weekend. If it's going to be taken seriously as a rivalry it needs to be played at the end of the season.

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re: UK-UofL Football
It's a fans game and doesn't benefit UK at all. When they win, well you're supposed to win, and when you lose, it hurts recruiting.

UK needs to drop UL, drop WKU (or any instate school), and pick up Indiana/Purdue, Southern Miss, and NC/NC State. That would be much better for recruiting.

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