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I heard some of yall need to be punished, so here it is...
we're gonna have to talk about this game

Can yall remember a less exciting build-up week for UGA/UF? It feels like we're playing vandy this week, which for us is probably a bad thing since we lost to vandy ( ) I figured we might as well try to generate some discussion for this shite sandwich though, just to pass the time I guess. I originally started breaking down the matchups for both teams, before I realized that I simply don't know too much about UF this year. So I'll talk about us and yall can fill in some of the new visitors on your team.

Our starting center has been hurt this week, big surprise. He's supposed to be back for Saturday so we'll be going with our normal lineup. However, that lineup is not very good. Run blocking is alright, pass blocking suspect. I expect an average day at best.

Murray is healthy. He is one of the best QBs we've ever had, but seems to shite himself in Jacksonville until the 4th quarter. All 3 years he's come up with huge plays in the final period. Let's hope he doesn't turn it over 3 times before then.

FINALLY some good news on the injury front, in that Gurley is back to practice going full speed. He had a high ankle sprain which is no joke, so I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't 100%, but even still, he's the best we have. Douglas is a power runner that will get yards but has fumbled in 2 extremely costly situations, and JJ Green is a quick, shifty guy that is alright but came in as 3rd string for a reason.

We're in bad shape here. We've seen that when Murray only has 1 target, we are atrocious. Everyone was excited because Michael Bennett was slated to be back for UF to pair with Chris conley, then Conley got hurt on the final play 2 weeks ago. So it'll basically just be bennett to worry about. Reggie Davis is an unproven TFr, and Rantavious Wooten has been been hurt and not practicing this week. Behind them are 3 walkons, 2 of which have never caught more than 1 pass. Lord help us against UF's secondary.

They aren't worth a positional breakdown. DL has actually been a pleasant surprise. We moved the only Senior on defense from DE to DT and it seems to be working, and Ray Drew and Sterling Bailey at DE are flourishing.
Herrera and Wilson at ILB are solid, but will make a mistake or 2. They are always around the ball though. Jenkins and Floyd at OLB are young but are both excellent at rushing the passer. Still make young mistakes though.

CB is awful. Swann is having to do a lot more this year so has regressed big time. Langley and Wiggins are True Freshmen. Dawson, who got PT last year, has not seen the field this year. This is scary.
S we've been without our 2 starters for most of the season. 1 is still out, but the other, true freshman Tray Matthews, looks to be back this week for the first time in about a month. The other safety spot will either be a walkon or a true freshman.

The areas I'm most curious about are UF's lines and your receivers. I know we won't have success passing much with your secondary, so hopefully we'll be able to run a little. The past few years against UF, or at least the games we've won, we've come up with a big turnover or crucial stop at an important time. Momentum would be swinging and we'd come up with a pick or a fumble recovery. I don't see that happening this year, because our D simply isn't causing turnovers. We have 2 interceptions all year, 1 against north texas and 1 against vandy. We have a few fumble recoveries, but some have been drops by the other team. I'm not sure we'll be able to create any takeaways saturday.
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re: I heard some of yall need to be punished, so here it is...
No one cares, we're gonna get raped.

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re: I heard some of yall need to be punished, so here it is...

UF's lines and your receivers.

UF's OL is terrible, DL (without easley) is fine. WRs aren't that bad.

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re: I heard some of yall need to be punished, so here it is...
Dline is ok without Easley, but hardly generates a pass rush anymore. Teams have had success running up the middle on us without Easley.

Receivers have been a pleasant suprise this season, when the ball is thrown there way they make they catch and make a move. Cant ask for much more then that.

Oline is terrible. Worst OL I have ever seen at UF, we got 2 guys that are decent to good at run blocking and thats it. Pass blocking doesnt exist at UF this season. If yall bring the heat every play yall would probably get about 10 sacks and 15 qb hurries, no joke.


Can yall remember a less exciting build-up week for UGA/UF?


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re: I heard some of yall need to be punished, so here it is...
We suck.

UGA is gonna go in dry if Gurley plays.

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