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15 Years ago vs. FSU....

Well, almost , but I still remember this game vividly as a kid, good times...


Anyone here actually go to that game?

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re: 15 Years ago vs. FSU....

Looking at that offense and this years makes you cry a little. Taylor and Green were monsters

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re: 15 Years ago vs. FSU....

I was watching the ending to this game on YouTube earlier. Unbelievable game

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re: 15 Years ago vs. FSU....

Yes, I was there.
Was a pretty wild game. FSU fans were very confident of a blowout victory.
They were shocked at how close the game was. Saw a fsu fan and gator fan come close to blows with around 7min left in the game. I told them y'all don't wanna get thrown out and miss the ending of this game.
I remember it being very loud when Quezzie got behind the fsu secondary!

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re: 15 Years ago vs. FSU....

awesome game, didn't see it live at The Swamp, but my living room was rocking.

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