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The SEC rant is open again...this board is locked.

Chicken USA fan010/6 8:31 am
by Chicken

Mizzou games feel weird.

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wmr3211/28 10:20 pm
by John Quincy Poodle

10 win seasons by school

KCM0Tiger mizzou fan011/28 10:07 pm
by KCM0Tiger

What do you really think about "Hotty Toddy"

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Hardy_Har MissSt fan2711/28 9:49 pm
by RattyBlowfish

Sec West Overrated...

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Jawja_Joe Georgia fan6811/28 9:44 pm
by BamaGradinTn

Georgia Bulldogs Number 1! vs. Georgia Tech Child Abusers

samson'sseed Georgia fan611/28 9:41 pm
by N97883

Bama gonna win by 21

Othello Alabama fan1011/28 9:36 pm
by BamaGradinTn

Worst in Game Coach…Les Miles, Bert, or Butch?

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Jack Ruby Arkansas fan2411/28 9:34 pm
by BamaGradinTn

Mizzou Will Win The SECCG. No SEC In Playoffs

genuineLSUtiger LSU fan1811/28 9:30 pm
by Jawja_Joe

Big Fat Bert record in the Big 10

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KCM0Tiger mizzou fan2011/28 9:29 pm
by CtotheVrzrbck

Anyone care to break down the West tie breakers

JesusQuintana mizzou fan411/28 9:20 pm
by JesusQuintana

Congrats MIZ-ZOU

jledet LSU fan1111/28 9:13 pm
by roadhouse

Check in here if your team is pathetic

KCM0Tiger mizzou fan711/28 9:13 pm
by Mizzou Fan in Da ATX

Did "karma" bite the hogs in the a$$ ?

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tickfawtiger LSU fan3711/28 9:09 pm
by reggierayreb

Clarify: So is Ole Miss out in the west?

FourThreeForty PennState fan311/28 9:05 pm
by OBReb6

What bowls still have SEC tie ins?

BOSCEAUX LSU fan111/28 9:03 pm

Mizzou Bowl

TigerCruise mizzou fan311/28 9:00 pm
by TigerCruise

Mizzou's last outright conference title: 1945 (the year WW2 ended)

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Phat Phil Tennessee fan3211/28 8:56 pm
by KC Tiger Fan

Gators and Vols, we need to talk

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Vols&Shaft83 Tennessee fan2811/28 8:55 pm
by GurleyManandProud020

Top of the SEC East vs West

KCM0Tiger mizzou fan1411/28 8:45 pm
by David Cornwell

Mizzou has only beaten 1 SEC team with a winning SEC record in the last 2 years

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diddydirtyAubie UCLA fan2411/28 8:43 pm

To the Arkansas fans:

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LSUTigersVCURams LSU fan2011/28 8:38 pm
by Mizzou Fan in Da ATX

*Arky 14 / Mizzou 21 // Arkansas blows it, Mizzou wins the East

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tylerdurden24 Georgia fan176211/28 8:33 pm
by genuineLSUtiger

Will you root for another sec team in the playoffs

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TheIndulger LSU fan2111/28 8:33 pm
by Miz-Stl

Congrats Mizzou fans

RockyMtnTigerWDE Auburn fan211/28 8:33 pm
by semotruman

Would Mizzou be in the playoff without the loss to Indiana?

Stonehog Arkansas fan1511/28 8:32 pm
by Stonehog

I guess it is time to give Missouri their due and proper...

BamainbigD Alabama fan1011/28 8:30 pm
by Mizzou Fan in Da ATX

If Bert is so worried about the safety of his players.

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Remote Controlled mizzou fan3211/28 8:27 pm
by hawgfaninc

Can Golden and Ray get to Sims/Slow Down Dak?

NGATiger LSU fan311/28 8:27 pm
by smash williams

What an SEC division title looks like

Mizzou Fan in Da ATX mizzou fan311/28 8:22 pm
by Mizzou Fan in Da ATX

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