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The SEC Rant is OPEN...This board is LOCKED...

Chicken USA fan08/29 7:29 am
by Chicken

So all the sudden we are suppose to believe Bama and LSU are good now?

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rebeloke USA fan3010/19 9:27 am
by Lsupimp

Muschamp will be fired after this game

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xenythx Florida fan5010/19 9:24 am
by Dawgnational

Anything Worse?

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TexasAg13 TexasA&M fan2510/19 9:23 am
by TexasAg13

I guess we're all assuming the top 4 teams get in but

Ishmael Auburn fan610/19 9:22 am
by Ishmael

Does bama make the playoff?

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BuddyLAM3410/19 9:21 am
by Lsupimp

I always laugh at these homer threads, but

Crimson Legend Alabama fan1410/19 9:19 am
by Crimson Legend

Kevin Sumlin

UMRealist LSU fan1410/19 9:12 am
by Tornado Alley

This has got to be the craziest year of College Football I can recall...

NATidefan Alabama fan1710/19 9:11 am
by TriumphTiger

Everyone is ignoring one thing

Ishmael Auburn fan1210/19 9:06 am
by Ishmael

So what happened to TAMU?

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randomways Vandy fan4810/19 9:05 am
by NotRight37

Kentucky 3 @ LSU 41 - FINAL - Tigers Win!

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Hugo Stiglitz USA fan75410/19 9:04 am
by LegendOfCobb

Did not watch LSU game

bamafan1001 Alabama fan1610/19 9:03 am
by LSUbase13

Saban's outrage at his fan base

SoGaFan1910/19 9:03 am
by Lsupimp

Check in here if your team scored this week

3rdRowTrashTalker LSU fan1810/19 9:02 am
by the808bass

"Bama threw A&M down a flight of stairs yesterday"

DEG LSU fan710/19 9:00 am
by PurpleandGold Motown

Who Will Bama Beat The Worse, A&M or LSU?

beejon ULM fan1910/19 8:59 am
by Crimson Legend

Les or Sumlin?

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tigerbait2010 Michigan fan2810/19 8:57 am

So if Ole Miss shuts out LSU in Tiger Stadium are they worse than A&M?

CGSC Lobotomy TexasA&M fan1610/19 8:54 am
by cajunjj

Dak's Heisman chances?

tigerfan84 WakeForest fan1310/19 8:48 am
by Hardy_Har

As SEC fans we should be proud!

WeagleAU Auburn fan910/19 8:48 am
by NotRight37

Will the SEC west have four teams in the top 5?

JCinBAMA Alabama fan010/19 8:46 am

SEC Power Rankings Post Domination Saturday

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rolltide32 Alabama fan3410/19 8:38 am
by LSU Patrick

It's 8:04 AM and Will Muschamp still has a job.

DrunkenStuporMan Olemiss fan910/19 8:38 am
by Rebel Land Shark

Brighter Future -- A&M, Arkansas, UT, UF?

lowspark12 Auburn fan310/19 8:35 am
by WPBTiger

Ole Miss Co-Champion bound

madddoggydawg LSU fan710/19 8:27 am
by TriumphTiger

Need gif of the ref ignoring stoops

S110/19 8:05 am
by S

How would FSU do with UF's schedule?

KSGamecock SouthCarolina fan1610/19 8:00 am
by spslayto

The pain is coming Tennessee.

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CapstoneGrad06 Alabama fan5110/19 7:42 am
by stat19

Seeking advice from tFlagship

Roger Klarvin TexasA&M fan1710/19 7:19 am
by GrinderHarder

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