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Official Meth Bowl Prediction Thread

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okietiger USA fan3111/23 4:17 pm
by Alert Mi

This is what a real American football coach does to a team like Indiana

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Latarian Arkansas fan2411/23 4:15 pm
by Hubbhogg

If both Arkansas and A&M are victorious

TeLeFaWx Tennessee fan1011/23 4:09 pm
by TeLeFaWx

After we blow out A&M on Thursday, can we annex Texas?

lsutothetop Columbia fan811/23 4:09 pm
by lsutothetop

I don't see Ole Miss ever beating Arkansas again while Bielema is here

hawgfaninc Stanford fan1111/23 4:06 pm
by Wolfhound45

Serious question for Ole Miss fans.

DaleDenton Baylor fan1711/23 4:02 pm
by DaleDenton

About those Mizzou bookends.

CrimsonChin Alabama fan1911/23 3:57 pm
by JesusQuintana

What a TRUE Top 10 Should Look Like (w / rest of SEC Top 25)

Tiger1975 LSU fan311/23 3:47 pm
by AUX3

Play-off Committee's Worst Nightmare

Miz-Stl mizzou fan1211/23 3:46 pm
by 11thACR

Bama injuries from W.Carolina

Keltic Tiger LSU fan511/23 3:41 pm
by 12

Texas AM-64 NM-51 Final

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pioneerbasketball Arkansas fan2511/23 3:41 pm
by BoardReader

Is there any need for the rebels to even try this Saturday?

tb27688 MissSt fan511/23 3:26 pm
by barefoot67

Best food at away game

BamaSaint12 Alabama fan1811/23 3:26 pm
by ForeverLSU02

Will LSU's LT Hold Myles Garrett With Impunity?

ColoradoElkHerd TexasA&M fan1211/23 3:23 pm
by bopper50

Notes to commentators on the Paul Finebaum Show concerning Mizzou

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Miz-Stl mizzou fan2111/23 3:11 pm
by Mizz-SEC

Mizzou game film

Wrenchruh Alabama fan811/23 3:10 pm
by mutigerz

Iron Bowl Injuries

artompkins Alabama fan311/23 3:07 pm
by artompkins

So the Hawgs OL hogs are the fattest, er biggest, OL in all of football?

Tigerjackswartz mizzou fan811/23 2:55 pm
by KCM0Tiger

5 year old bama fan gave C.J. Uzomah the bird.

RollTears Auburn fan1011/23 2:47 pm
by auzach91

Question for Mizzou fans regarding Farret Field seating

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Latarian Arkansas fan4511/23 2:46 pm
by the808bass

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