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Week 14 of the SEC Rant ATS Picks Thread - (CUTOFF THIS THURSDAY @ 7:30 EST)

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NorthGwinnettTiger Auburn fan7611/26 2:55 pm
by GeorgiaBoy

Saban to Florida

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WeagleAU Auburn fan2011/26 4:52 pm
by Bear88

Iron Bowl; Spirit of Rivalry, football, and friendship.

BlackPawnMartyr Alabama fan1311/26 4:50 pm
by michaeldwde

Rate this football season

LarrytheGolfer Alabama fan1211/26 4:50 pm
by Sancho Panza

Harvey threatens the Grove? FBI investigating threat

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beaver USA fan7311/26 4:49 pm
by reggierayreb

Being part of the SEC is awesome

Old Sarge mizzou fan511/26 4:49 pm
by heartbreakTiger

Will this be the game where Lane Kiffin throws the kitchen sink at a team?

FourThreeForty PennState fan811/26 4:49 pm
by Vols&Shaft83

Get hyped Mizzou

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John Quincy Poodle Arkansas fan5911/26 4:47 pm
by the808bass

Will Bama get it's revenge similar to UGA

Jawja_Joe Georgia fan211/26 4:46 pm
by roadGator

Things for Arky fans to do in Columbia

roadhouse mizzou fan211/26 4:46 pm
by John Quincy Poodle

? for aggies

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LSU1NSEC LSU fan2511/26 4:45 pm
by lsufanz

Brian Boitano to UF

Vols&Shaft83 Tennessee fan511/26 4:42 pm
by michaeldwde

Hugh Freeze to Florida...

Lonnie Utah1311/26 4:41 pm
by PorkSammich

Aggies crying about not being allowed to troll the tiger rant

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Draconian Sanctions LSU fan5911/26 4:37 pm
by lsufanz

More fun Iron Bowl Facts

SmithsAuFan Auburn fan1311/26 4:34 pm
by SmithsAuFan

Lane Kiffin to UF

Jawja_Joe Georgia fan911/26 4:32 pm
by justausedcarguy

What/Which SEC Basketball program is historically the worse/worst?

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JohnZeroQ Pelicans fan2411/26 4:31 pm
by MSUbulldogs03

Why Louisiana is a terrible place: A pictoral annotation

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Masterag TexasA&M fan10411/26 4:31 pm
by Masterag

UK OC Top Candidate for Troy HC Job

JDHLaw Kentucky fan811/26 4:28 pm
by TU Rob

Fun Iron Bowl fact...

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Tuscaloosa Alabama fan3111/26 4:27 pm
by Sancho Panza

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