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March Madness Thread: Notre Dame 66 vs. Kentucky 68 I UK to the Final Four

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CayceCock13 SouthCarolina fan27583/28 10:53 pm
by Scoob

Former UGA player arrested in Tuscaloosa

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allin2010 Auburn fan523/28 11:05 pm
by EastCobbDawg

What is it with Kentucky fans...

GtownDawg Georgia fan93/28 11:05 pm
by TRUERockyTop

Kentucky did not miss a FG in the last 12:16 of the game

Bham Bammer Alabama fan93/28 11:03 pm
by Kentucker

Marshall tells Alabama "Don't even bother" - per Pat Forde

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DynastyDawg MissSt fan1043/28 11:01 pm
by InfernoOrangeSS

More good news for Bama haters coming? Hint: JT

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crimsonian Alabama fan553/28 11:00 pm
by Corndawg23

Why did ND coach REFUSE to give help on Towns??

HogBalls Arkansas fan43/28 10:55 pm
by Kentucker

when UK loses, the melt will be worse than tosu outclassing Bama...

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Jawja_Joe iowastate fan463/28 10:51 pm
by demtigers73

I'm here for the UK fan melt.

thesoccerfanjax113/28 10:49 pm
by LegendOfCobb


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Chris_topher GATech fan223/28 10:47 pm
by LegendOfCobb

Classic UK with difficulty on the big stage...

Golfer LSU fan133/28 10:43 pm
by LegendOfCobb

Way to go Cats!!!!!

reedus23 mizzou fan73/28 10:42 pm
by AlwysATgr

Gotta give credit to Kentucky when credit is due.

ForeverGator Florida fan43/28 10:40 pm
by thesoccerfanjax

Nice no call on the 3 point shot at the end

Gcockboi SouthCarolina fan133/28 10:36 pm
by Herman Frisco

Did you ever think you'd cheer for Notre Dame

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Lordofwrath88 Alabama fan223/28 10:31 pm
by tiderider

38-0 Burn the couches!

WildcatMike Kentucky fan33/28 10:29 pm
by GetmorewithLes

Coach Cal post game "Well we didn't play well."

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LarrytheGolfer Alabama fan223/28 10:28 pm
by Bham Bammer

Frick yes!

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WildcatMike Kentucky fan243/28 10:27 pm
by Gamecock4Life

Final Four Bound

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BluegrassBelle Kentucky fan323/28 10:23 pm
by GetmorewithLes

Has Alabama Football or Kentucky Basketball ever won a game without ref help?

Henry Jones Jr Olemiss fan173/28 10:18 pm
by Aman

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