You'd think these reporters would know better by now, or they just like getting a rise out of Nick Saban. At SEC Media Days on Wednesday, a reporter asked Nick about a possible QB controversy which he immediately shut down...

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Saban being Saban. He never misses an opportunity to be a colossal jerk.
Reply8 days
I genuinely don't know who despised the media more, Saban or POTUS.
Reply9 days
Should have asked him how well he knows sweet tea.
Reply12 days
Saban, "'s going to have a hurricane outside today." Are we sure Saban didn't go to Bama for his education?
Reply12 days
Saban is such a bitch. The question wasn't a "gotcha".... or controversial, it was a softball pitch for him to talk about what a great player Jalen is. What a dick. Saban's answer should have been "Jalen has the job, it is his to lose. Like every other position, the best player plays. Thank you for the question."
Reply12 days
So he told them there is no controversy and to stop asking about it? Did he then run out the side door to Miami?
Reply12 days
Right at the end when he makes a little joke. He is so full of himself.
Reply13 days
There was no bottle of Coke in front of the mic. Did Saban terminate the contract with Coke? Is there a hurricane outside?
Reply13 days
Coke is a bama thing. $$$ under the table stuff.
13 days
Or a bottle of Dasani water
7 days
Nick Saban would be great as Trump's press secretary.
Reply13 days
12 days
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